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Fundamentals of Nursing

  • To make the student orient to the hospital unit, instruments uses and arrangement before they are posted to the wards.
  • To learn about each instrument and articles about their use, purposes and indication.
  • To learn the sterilization of instrument and maintenance of cloth goods, metal good, rubber good and glassware in the unit.
  • To learn the setting of the trays for various nursing procedure and to learn various therapeutic positions and procedure.
  • To learn to perform basic Nursing procedures before administering on the patient.
  • To know the relation and scientific principles behind each procedures.

Community Health Nursing

  • To educate the students about the community situation and to learn the basic Nursing procedure which are to be performed in community settings.
  • To learn to treat the patient in home environment with minimum facilities.
  • To learn the community bag technique, the various Nursing Procedures and providing health Education.


  • To know the normal Anatomy & Physiology during Pregnancy
  • To learn the various physiological changes during pregnancy and peuriperium
  • To learn the stages of labor with the help of models and charts.
  • To know the equipments used in labor room.

Nutrition Laboratory

  • To study the constituents of each nutrients
  • To know the classification and the calories.
  • To understand normal requirement of food and the calculate according to the age and food recommendation.
  • To demonstrate the therapeutic diet to the student for various diseases.

Anatomy & Physiology Museum

  • To learn the Anatomy structure and Physiological functions of the body.
  • To study each organs with the help of models and charts.

Microbiology / Biochemistry Laboratory

  • To know the classification of Miceo-Organisms with the help of charts and models.
  • To know the methods of sterilization and the instruments used for sterilization.
  • To know the constituents of food, blood with the help of models and charts.

Computer Laboratory

  • To learn Basic fundamentals of computers.
  • To HELINET Facilities in Library computer Lab.
  • To update the latest trends through Internet Faculties.
  • Computer applications in the nursing profession

Audio and Video Aids
To know about the A.V. Aids which aid in the learning procedure in the nursing field examples models, charts, flash cards, Puppets, OHP, TV, VCD, Slides, CDs, etc.